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Are Performing Groups For You?

Every year high school students hit the road in search of places to perform. During the holidays, students have found very receptive “places to play” in places such as New York City. During the spring, amusements parks, museums, and zoos frequently host performing groups. Why host performing groups? Over the years, high school trips have

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Are You Listening?

My car mechanic was fond of saying “They call it the art of medicine, but the science of car repair.” If you ask the PSB radio Car Talk guys, it is the art of car repair. The same can be said of hospitality sales – it is an art not a science. Perhaps two of

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Are You Ready For “Just In Time” Tourism?

In the hospitality industry we “buy what we sell.” That means at some time every year we are tourist for business or pleasure. This is an important advantage because we know “what works for us” as tourists. We can use that experience as a tourist in your business. One experience that have all experienced in

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Attending Marketplaces – Part 1

When marketing your property or service, face-to-face contact with a potential buyer can be an effective sales tool. Both parties can learn something about one another and decide if they can do business. While it is desirable to go to a buyer’s place of business, making individual sales calls can be expensive and time-consuming. A

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Attending Marketplaces – Part 2

Last post we talked about marketplaces and if they were the best way to promote your business. This time let’s discuss how to get the most from this selling experience. First, go prepared. If you are a first timer, talk honestly with the sponsor for ideas. Chat with past exhibitors for their input too. If

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Co-Operative Marketing

Package or Perish. Heard that one before? With the economy changing faster than gasoline prices, everyone with something to sell can afford to ignore working with marketing partners. Don’t believe me, look at the internet, especially tourist web sites like Travelocity, Expedia, and Orbitz. “Working with” partners can take many different forms. Here are a

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With today’s ever-changing economy even the smallest company has to have some degree of automation. Automation means computers. As I have experience on only a few computer database programs, I cannot offer a critique on the advantages and disadvantages of particular software. I can share a few tips on using computer databases. Databases can be

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Develop An Ideas File

Say it’s time to plan next fiscal year’s marketing campaign. Typically you might start by reviewing your current marketing plans. Maybe current marketing is working. But do you need new promotions to meet projected sales goals? If you keep your eyes open, potential marketing ideas are everywhere. But to take advantage of the variety of

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Developing An Annual Marketing Plan

If you are on a calendar year, your budget was finalized in the fall and began January 1. With an approved budget you are now implementing the various components of your current marketing plan. Although it may seem premature, now is a great time to start planning for next year. Here are a few suggestions.

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Distractions – Do They Hurt Your Bottom Line?

“If I could just have one hour a day without any disturbances. Do you know how much I could get done!” Heard that one before? At times we can’t any work done if it were not for all the distractions. Mail, email, faxes, meetings, phone calls (hard line and cell), co-workers wanting to gossip, bosses

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